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Picnic crashing Robot

Crash might be a strong word. Lets just say I wasn't invited, but once there I was welcomed.

Last Summer I visited my first real convention. Equipped with Fangamer's Awesomeness Combo Pack and a few yo-yo tricks I learned in primary school, I partook in geekery outside my usual four walls. Of all the props, activities, Ernie Hudsons, and more, there was one think that got my attention. People in cosplay aren't just things on the internet. They're real and amazing!

After that, I wanted to build (not make) my own costume. With diligent work, I assembled a costume in time for Halloween. Based on Laputa: Castle in the Sky, the Robot Guardian was my first foray into building something like this.


Since then, my unfinished project was collecting dust. Some creative sparks happened a few weeks ago, and I felt the urge to finish. So, I collected my things, picked up a few new supplies, and got to work.

This is where I present to you my mission to show up unannounced and spread joy.


A larger collection of photos can be seen on my Facebook album (something I rarely use).

Seeing wasn't very important. Once you trample one child, you just follow the screams of the others.


Actually, I had equipped it with a few electronics. Seeing was done through an iPod with a fisheye camera lens. I spoke through a voice changer app that output to a portable speaker in the head. The heat was my biggest fear, so I added two fans powered by a battery pack to bring in fresh air. The head controls normally allow up, down, left, and right movement but only left and right was working on the day.


My only regret, is that the extra head controls I added to the body made him taller and revealed more waist than I wanted. But the reactions from people as I turned my robot head was priceless.

I might make one final revision. Strengthen and move the head controls further up and back in the body. That'll bring the height back down to more like the original Ghibli design. I've got other projects at present, so he's in storage for the time being.



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