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Messin' with flags for TSU

I've been playing around with flag design. Roman Mars has a TED Talk that will get anyone loving flags and vexillology ( Keeping to the principles described in the talk, I made around 70 mock ups of flags. Admittedly, most are colour variations, with maybe nine or so are largely unique.


They're mostly split between a new Toy Soldier flag and one for the Slasher Division.

As any member of the Toy Soldiers can only officially be part of two divisions at once, I designed the local division template to compliment the special ops and special interest template.


You can see in the above image that the rays appear to be emanating from the same source. The rays symbolize the light shining from the Utopian Playground and also slightly reference the hazard stripes that are common in TSU imagery.

That's about as much as I care to say right now. Peace!



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