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Update to Word Search Solver

I've updated my Word Search Solver a little. I've added a CSS transition to the grid's cells. Now when you hover over the words, the cells will fade from one colour to another. It gets rid of the jarring flash when mousing over the words.


I've also updated the code to better count found words. It no longer repeats the words in the found list. Instead, it shows a single word in the list, but then highlights all instances in the grid. Much better.

Take a look if you want to see it action

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I uploaded a video the other day to my Vimeo account. It's a quick screen recording of all the steps I took to create part of the my SinText font.

Instead of recording while I worked, I started screen recording at the end and held Command + Z. Pixelmator then reversed all the way back to a blank canvas.

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I'm not dead

Hey, it looks as though I've gone a long time without adding something here. My general motivation has been rather lacking recently. What little motivation I do have, I've been focusing on a Halloween/cosplay costume. I hope I finish before Halloween but it's a rather ambitious task.

We shall have to wait and see.

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Video Game Tri-stripped Wallpaper

I was watching a video for the new Super Smash Brothers for Wii U ( Pac man is joining in now?! Man, I can't afford a Wii U right now. Well, I may not get the game, but I can still dream.

I found the video quite entertaining. The three colours at the start was pretty cool. I decided to make a wallpaper inspired by it.

Dark Version:


Light Version:


The wallpaper is fit for Retina displays and was designed with mobile devices in mind. I still might tweak it, but in the meantime, behold!

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Hewlett Potter

This is a pun I've been sitting on for ages. I finally got around to visualising it.


Aren't I a funny guy. Get it? Harry Potter's lightning bolt / Hewlett Packard's logo? No... Oh.

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Side Project - Word Search Solver

There was a competition type deal at work on the 4th of July. You had to find the 50 United States of America in a word search. I started, and quickly remembered that I hate word searches.

Rather than solve it normally, I thought I could stick the data into a grid and have a script do it for me. Thus Word Search Solver was born!


Despite being a quick and dirty script, I didn't get to finish it in the few hours that the contest was open for. My actual job was considered more important by management. Go figure.


Well, I finished it the next day and then made it pretty the day after. I'm still putting a little work into it, but I'd say it's 90% done. Have a look:

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Widget for Eircom WEP password generation

Years ago the largest ISP in Ireland provided a specific router to their customers with some specific settings. Without boring you with details, you could find your neighbour's WiFi password and connect to their network without their permission. All you needed was the freely available network name.

Most of the tools were web based and you couldn't open them offline. Being the technology geek I am, I created my own Dashboard Widget to get me onto the majority of Irish networks, no network connection required.


Was it ethical? No, not really. That was one of the reasons I never published it publicly. However, seeing as this little exploit has run its course and there is practically no way to use the tool, I thought it would be cool to show it off here. feircom dot dmg

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Communication Method

Communication is vitally important today. Stocks are exchanged, news transported, and other work done remotely. We're using text based chat, forum posts, SMS. Our voices are sent along the bottom of the ocean via copper and optics. Images are captured and shared with the world using devices in our pockets. The availability of reliable networks has made communication possible in an overwhelming variety of ways.

With all this available to us, is there a superior method? Personally, I feel a voice conversation is the best. The quick back and forth exchange allows for ideas to be conveyed, clarified, and expanded. Given we've been doing it for thousands of years, we're pretty good at it at this stage.

However, vocal conversations can't cover every idea effectively. It also can't be done if the other person is asleep when you want to talk. Numerous languages exist around the world too! Even if… more

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Foray into responsive design with Macaw

I've been playing around with Macaw ( for the last month or so. I'm really enjoying it. So far, the best thing I've made is a mock up with a scaling caracole/slideshow responsive and includes 3 breakpoints.

The thing I'm most proud of is the slideshow that dynamically resizes to the window width. I initially followed instructions Macaw had on how to slide between 3 images, but I modified it heavily.

The page itself is more of a traditional page. It's not as fancy as some of the full screen dazzling designs you see emerging these days. It's more of a functional center aligned page.

Check it out:


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New web design process

I'm really beginning to get a feel for a new design process. I'm starting out with the iPad app Paper to freely sketch and draw some ideas. Once I've got the idea fleshed out, I move to to build the HTML and CSS. After it creates "semantic HTML and remarkably succinct CSS" I convert it to a template for php scripting.


Shown above is a quick fluid responsive site that I put together for a friend. Using a CSV file, it automatically creates a product list that can be purchased through Paypal (Paypal purchasing disabled for this example). This was only a test run, I'm making better and better stuff with Macaw each time I open it. I'll have to give this page of mine an overhaul once I master Macaw.

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