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Timing is Everything

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Disapproving Toaster


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Obligatory monthly post

I told myself I would post at least once a month. So... Uh... Here's something.


I've been watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam recently. That is all.

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WordPress hates me

I noticed a small mistake in the database I imported into WordPress. I thought, no big deal, TRUNCATE, fix, and import again. However, since then, every WordPress post page redirects infinitely! I reverted back to the original database with the mistake, but the same thing happens! Guess I'll have to stick to my old blog style until I fix this.

In the meantime, heres a logo type thing I made for my still in progress Macaw > WordPress project.


It's a combination of both logos (if you couldn't tell).

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Bits and Pieces

New Year and time for a change. I've created a script that will allow me to export my site's database into WordPress. I just need to find/make a nice theme. I've already started work on that, but learning WordPress is harder than I thought. I'm probably just looking at it the wrong way, but I'll get something together.

Found a minor bug with the word search solver. Seemed it didn't like lines in the grid with missing numbers. It was only a visual bug, but fixed (and faster) now.

My Graphic design course is doing well. I've finally cracked how to properly use InDesign. The passionate hate I had for it is rapidly clearing.

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Tree Awesome

Messing around with Font Awesome ( at the moment. I have a project in mind that I want to use it in.


Oh, and Happy Christmas!

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Quick Christmas costume

I've not even finished my laputa robot and I dove into another project. Work was throwing a Christmas jumper and festive dress competition so I had to enter. There are probably prizes, but wanted to enter because I was still buzzing from bringing in the robot from the last competion. Quick sketch in Paper, grabbed a few scraps, then stitch together a little tree.


I didn't have enough material — or time — to recreate my idea perfectly. But hey, this quick bit of fun turned out well.


Wrap myself in foam, paint it green, and add a few decorations. Nice yes?

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Messin with pixels

A few years ago, I took this picture of The Flaming Lips performing live:


I really like it. Lately, I dug it up and started sticking it as a background for my social media.

I've not done much pixel work recently, so I thought I'd make a pixel version of this.


Tada! It might want a little cleaning up and I took some liberties, but it's good anyway.

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Adventure Time poster

Man, it must be months ago when I first found this poster. A user on put up an excellent black and white drawing of over 120 Adventure Time characters. I immediately started colouring it in. After about 60 characters, they started to become harder to recognise. I eventually spoke with the original artist, and got the names of everyone! Thanks OP.

With all the names and a picture of each, I was able to finish it off. Well, I say finish, there are maybe two outstanding that I can't make out in between all the awesome. You'd scarcely notice them. Behold!


I also purchased a new printer recently. HP LaserJet with plenty of starter toner. One of the first things to pop into my head was I couldn't help myself.


You can see more of the process on Imgur: http://imgur… more

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Halloween Costume

I've been working on another side project. It ended up gobbling up all my time and I didn't quite make my deadline.



This is robot guardian. If he looks familiar, it's because he's my closest interpretation of the robot featured in Hayao Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky.


While I didn't get a chance to paint him before Halloween (nor fit the head puppet gear, arm control sticks, and head camera) I still won two prizes. One at a pub Halloween party. The other at work. They made a competition category "Oh my God" just for me!

Just to give you a few specs:

about 40 hours work, hundreds of rivets, two bruises, five cuts on my hands and one sizable gash, 7m sq. corrugated plastic, 4m sq. foam, 5m sq. lining paper.


one battery pack, two fans, tablet with camera to see the… more

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