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Business cards for Mallow Development Partnership

Hey look at that. I've used my relatively new graphic design degree to get me a legit job with a real company! Mallow Development Partnership ( hired me to create their business cards.


I had to rework their logo and provide suggestions for their yet to be created corporate identity guidelines. But I like doing things like that. I'll pickup the physical cards tomorrow so I only have a mockup to show below.


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Messin' with flags for TSU

I've been playing around with flag design. Roman Mars has a TED Talk that will get anyone loving flags and vexillology ( Keeping to the principles described in the talk, I made around 70 mock ups of flags. Admittedly, most are colour variations, with maybe nine or so are largely unique.


They're mostly split between a new Toy Soldier flag and one for the Slasher Division.

As any member of the Toy Soldiers can only officially be part of two divisions at once, I designed the local division template to compliment the special ops and special interest template.


You can see in the above image that the rays appear to be emanating from the same source. The rays symbolize the light shining from the Utopian Playground and also slightly reference the hazard stripes that are common in TSU imagery.

That's about as… more

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3D Scene Test

Hey look! I can make scenes in Apple Motion and move the camera around! Weee!

It may not be stupendous, but as a first time using Motion, I'm happy.

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Macaw to WordPress

Where have I been? I've had loads on my plate, over the last while. Getting married was part of that (yay!).

But as for stuff? I received a distinction in my college course for graphic design. That was neat.

So, for my current project, I'm rebranding all my social media. I created a CV last year with a really nice layout. I'm working on adapting that into a WordPress theme using Macaw and

That is all for now. I really hope I finish this thing this evening.

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Some logo stuff

Another work project! I just kinda threw some rough ideas into Pixelmator. The left column is inspired by the old Apple logo from the late '70s. The right are inspired by flat Mac icons first introduced in OS X Yosemite.


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Do you have stairs in your house?

Moving house is such a time suck. And I'm still not done! I had to call off Cosplay in the Park, but I did mange to get up to ArcadeCon and sport THREE costumes!

The first was a Ness outfit that I mostly picked up from Nothing fancy but easy to manage. The third was my Ghibli robot. It's on the blog if you want to see it.

But my second costume, that was new.


Please go stand by the stairs so I can protect you.

You may remember him from the classic Terrible Secret of Space? No, really? Am I that old? Well, I guess for you younger folks, you can pretend I'm Steve from Minecraft in diamond armour. Otherwise, educate yourself with this:

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MI15 Promo Video

I made a promo video for work. Using Keynote, Final Cut, and a little help from Cathode (

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Picnic crashing Robot

Crash might be a strong word. Lets just say I wasn't invited, but once there I was welcomed.

Last Summer I visited my first real convention. Equipped with Fangamer's Awesomeness Combo Pack and a few yo-yo tricks I learned in primary school, I partook in geekery outside my usual four walls. Of all the props, activities, Ernie Hudsons, and more, there was one think that got my attention. People in cosplay aren't just things on the internet. They're real and amazing!

After that, I wanted to build (not make) my own costume. With diligent work, I assembled a costume in time for Halloween. Based on Laputa: Castle in the Sky, the Robot Guardian was my first foray into building something like this.


Since then, my unfinished project was collecting dust. Some creative sparks happened a few weeks ago, and I felt the urge to finish. So, I… more

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Paper watches and crafts

For some reason, I've been making a load of paper stuff recently. It started with a single Apple Watch and grew to a little collection.


Then the training department was planning an exploration event and wanted a prop.


These little crafts sparked interest in that unfinished Halloween costume I did last year. So I started planning out the remaining parts of my bot.


I've already stripped down its original puppet gear for controlling the head and nearly finished a new version. The original was too cumbersome and stiff to work ya see. This new version is attached to a helmet and controlled with my head. It'll be more natural to control than the figure version. Maybe I'll have it all put together this week! I hope so.

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You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

This was a rush job but I spent just enough time for me to become happy with it.


For a college project, I had to design a magazine article. It wasn't necessary to make the cover image too, but I did anyway.

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