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Adventure Time poster

Man, it must be months ago when I first found this poster. A user on put up an excellent black and white drawing of over 120 Adventure Time characters. I immediately started colouring it in. After about 60 characters, they started to become harder to recognise. I eventually spoke with the original artist, and got the names of everyone! Thanks OP.

With all the names and a picture of each, I was able to finish it off. Well, I say finish, there are maybe two outstanding that I can't make out in between all the awesome. You'd scarcely notice them. Behold!


I also purchased a new printer recently. HP LaserJet with plenty of starter toner. One of the first things to pop into my head was I couldn't help myself.


You can see more of the process on Imgur:

In the meantime, I'm happy with how it came out.



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